2010 Topps Chrome BIG HITS video

14 Oct

This is my most recent video for (Alan Narz, he who is produces content for “ToppsTV”). All of the video elements were created in After Effects. I used Premiere Pro to synch the audio elements (fx/narration/music) to the video. Once the audio was synched up, I exported it by itself, transferred it over to my PC (using a Mac for any video related stuff currently) and mixed the audio using Adobe Audition 1.5 (which is an ancient program now, but I like it).

This is pretty much how I do any video now. The card images were all obtained from ebay, (I did lots of “print screen” followed by cropping in Photoshop)

Most of the links for the ebay auctions came from the Blowout forums (The auction tracker thread for this product).

Some of the images were better than others. There were a few that weren’t scans that I wish I could have included, (pictures of the card on a table or something).

I did the same thing for the Triple Threads “Big Hits” video:

Sometimes we slip in various soundbites for fun. Lately I’ve been whispering “Strasburg” after we show one of his cards. There’s also a soundbite from “Colt-Dogg” in the Topps Chrome video, right after the Superfractor bit. Which reminds me, that Superfractor title is based off the title’s in the Superman movies, I even used the same sound effect.


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