Stale Gum Mailday

14 Oct

Today I received a package from noted “Bloggist” Chris Harris of Stale Gum.  We had wagered on the outcome of the Phillies/Reds NLDS (his favorite team is the Phillies, mine is the Reds).  My end of the bet was a  (partially open) box of 1993 Thee Dolls trading cards (Tampa titty bar of some kind). His was the contents of his free review box of Triple Threads (Topps sends him a box of every product they make for purposes of review).


I sent out his package the other day.  Even though I lost he sent me the one big hit out of that box of Triple Threads, a somewhat ironic Joe Morgan 1/1 Jersey card:

Joe Morgan 1/1

So many thanks for that!


He also sent along some extra pity goodies:


An Upper Deck Twentieth Anniversary dummy card.  These are different from your normal dummy in that they are made out of what seems to be recycled paper or something.  Not very good for making fake cards although neither are regular dummys if you have to do any die-cutting.


Chase Coffman 2009 Upper Deck Star Rookies RC.  Coffman has been a disappointment thus far, just watch any of the Hard Knocks episodes from last year.


Matt Jones 2010 Score.  Jones was cut by the Bengals.  Thanks a lot Harris.


Cedric Benson 2010 Score.  Nice


88 Donruss Tracy Jones.  Jones has found more success as a sports talk radio host than he ever had playing baseball.  This is probably one of the cards I had in my first PC (antiquity).


But this isn’t.  Freaking cool.


Pretty cool Ken Griffey Jr. mini card from Fleer 2003 (some kind of promo I guess)



This is awesome.  I actually have a small Bruce PC going.


Thanks again Harris for the pity mail!

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