2010 Bowman Sterling Football 4 Box Jake Break

29 Dec

Jake opened up 4 boxes from two cases of Bowman Sterling (futbol) yesterday.  I’ll post the best hits below after the vid:

Box toppers have these dual jerseys from two different players, this first one is a blue refractor numbered to 50 (which is odd because the rest of the blue refractors are numbered to 99)


Next we have another blue refract of Tebow and Decker:

His best hit was probably this 1/1 Damian Williams auto/patch:

He also got a Damian Williams black ref auto (/50)

He pulled two dual autos, one a black refractor (although it doesn’t really refract) and one a gold refractor.  We thought they were unnumbered as you can see from the video, when I got home however I discovered that they were both numbered to 25.

One of the box topper packs had this Dan Lefevour MAX PATCH!

Here are the highlights from the rest:

^ Blount black ref /50

For some reason there are a splattering of vets thrown in, like:

and a few other Jersey cards, weird.  One thing that is annoying about this set (as well as platinum) is the gray chrome background on all the non-refractor cards because when you scan them it picks up all kinds of dust and other things a normal white background wouldn’t.  The card stock (on the non-jersey cards) is (much like baseball in 09) not very thick, although it is nice and smooth (unlike all the weird things on Topps chrome).  When you have that thin kind of stock it makes lining up 9 cards on the scanner a pain in the ass because they’ll tend to move around.


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2 responses to “2010 Bowman Sterling Football 4 Box Jake Break

  1. John

    December 29, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    Damn 4 boxes and no Toby Gerhart auto. Usually atleast 1 in there. Also no Bradford or Tebow?


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