More BS opened

26 Jan

That was footage from two days worth of “Jake Breakin'”.  I’d have to say that Bowman Sterling is a pretty nice product.  The only thing holding it back from being a “great” product is the inclusion of the USA kiddos that, at this point, have been completely over-saturated into the market.  These players just don’t have enough exposure yet to justify all these refractors/jersey cards/dual autos etc.  If the dual auto’s in Bowman Sterling had been prospects, or “RC’s”, or something then there would have been a lot more value.  Topps did this with the WBC last year, and BS suffered the same way being at the tail end of baseball releases.  There were 3 insert sets in Bowman this year that could have been used as subjects for a dual auto set in Bowman Sterling, the “Expectations” one in particular would have been cool.

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Posted by on January 26, 2011 in Jake Break, Topps


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