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2012 Topps GoldRush promo cards set to feature horrific subliminal embeds

What’s that? oh yes, these card mocks have some imagery on them straight from the depths of hell.

Originals from Beckett:

Let’s zoom in on the top right:

What the? It looks like some pissed off demon guy is staring at me!

Lets up the contrast!

Actually that didn’t really help or hurt any, if you don’t see him I’ve created a handy labeled version:

And now the lower left:

Doesn’t really look like a face or anything at first glance, but after staring at it for awhile I was able to determine that it is in fact a collage of hellish faces twisting in agony, HELL SELL!

That’s not even mentioning the weird Beckett logo embed on the lower right, what’s up with that?


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Leaf’s NSCC promo cards to feature Alien Skull embeds


Here is the card (they all have the same background):


upper right crop:

^Looks like a couple skulls on the bottom, upside down. If you move up and to the right you can see plenty more, plus there’s one of those weird demented looking elves near the top, sort of like:

from the Leviev ad

upper left:

lower left: (top right of image, two big ol alien eye sockets!)

lower right: (upper right again, plus all sorts of other vulgarities)

previously in subliminal advertising:


Sage’s Alien Skull

Pretty Little Liars



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Japanese baseball is Hardcore

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