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2012 Topps GoldRush promo cards set to feature horrific subliminal embeds

What’s that? oh yes, these card mocks have some imagery on them straight from the depths of hell.

Originals from Beckett:

Let’s zoom in on the top right:

What the? It looks like some pissed off demon guy is staring at me!

Lets up the contrast!

Actually that didn’t really help or hurt any, if you don’t see him I’ve created a handy labeled version:

And now the lower left:

Doesn’t really look like a face or anything at first glance, but after staring at it for awhile I was able to determine that it is in fact a collage of hellish faces twisting in agony, HELL SELL!

That’s not even mentioning the weird Beckett logo embed on the lower right, what’s up with that?


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2011 Sage Big Time Alien Skulls

2011 Sage has a weird insert called “Big Time”, with all sorts of embedded vulgarities and other such strangeness.  (See video):

Here is the preview image for the card I was zooming in on in the video:

Zoomed in:

Its like an alien skull or something, freaky!

Here’s an equalized (in Photoshop) version:



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Leviev, Extraordinary Diamonds and wierd subliminal embeds

This ad is from the Robb Report December issue:

click to embiggen

There are a lot of shenanigans going on here, first lets look at the top rose petals:

Hmm, that’s odd.  Looks like a slightly face in the middle.

Lets zoom in!

And again!

Looks kind of like some kind of cartoonish face, lets lower the saturation

Now it looks like the face has a forehead, and is maybe wearing a pointed hat, like a wizard!  This is fun!

If this was an isolated incident within the ad then you could say that I’m seeing things, but it’s not!

Lets zoom in on the lower right petal arrangement!

do you see him? Looks like the same guy flipped horizontally.

zooming in..

and in..

and lowering saturation…

Yup, pretty weird!

But that’s not all!

All the diamonds have freaking demon claws wrapped around them (this of course may be how they actually are, which if you think about it actually makes the art direction make sense)

I’ve cropped it out of the above picture, but there’s something else just to the left of this diamond (this is the lowest hanging diamond).  No need to zoom in on that one!

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