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Leaf’s NSCC promo cards to feature Alien Skull embeds


Here is the card (they all have the same background):


upper right crop:

^Looks like a couple skulls on the bottom, upside down. If you move up and to the right you can see plenty more, plus there’s one of those weird demented looking elves near the top, sort of like:

from the Leviev ad

upper left:

lower left: (top right of image, two big ol alien eye sockets!)

lower right: (upper right again, plus all sorts of other vulgarities)

previously in subliminal advertising:


Sage’s Alien Skull

Pretty Little Liars



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2011 Sage Big Time Alien Skulls

2011 Sage has a weird insert called “Big Time”, with all sorts of embedded vulgarities and other such strangeness.  (See video):

Here is the preview image for the card I was zooming in on in the video:

Zoomed in:

Its like an alien skull or something, freaky!

Here’s an equalized (in Photoshop) version:



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