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2010 Gummies Awards

Here are the results from Stale Gum’s 2010 “Gummies” awards polling. (winner/votes/vote %)

Product of the year: Allen & Ginter 103 votes 39%

Best base set: Topps 128 votes 50%

Card of the year: bowman prospects #bp1 Stephen Strasburg 112 45%

Best insert: Topps The cards your mother through out 96 votes 39%

Best auto/gamer set: Allen & Ginter 100 votes 42%

Best designed set: Ginter 114 votes 49%

Best high end set: Triple Threads 81 votes 37%

Best unlicensed: Elite Extra 87 votes 36%

Worst product: National Chicle 94 votes 38%

Worst Set: National Chicle 92 votes 39%

Most meaningless product: Topps Opening Day 111 votes 44%

Dumbest gimmick:  Topps pie in face 82 votes 34%

Best card blog: Thorzul will rule 91 votes 31%

Best new card blog: The Mojo Beard 90 votes 45%

Hobby’s best news source: Freedom Cardboard 124 votes 49%

Best video box breaker/youtuber: Chris5784 98 votes 48%

Hobby MVP: Stephen Strasburg 161 votes 66%

The Jefferson Burdick Award for Contributions to the Hobby: Tracy Hackler 97 votes 36%


And here are the results again, this time in the form of melodramatic motion graphics:

(I used the same music from the “Unrivaled” video because I like it and nobody saw that anyway)

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