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Pretty Little Liars Subliminal Ad Campaign

So I guess there’s this new show (or returning) called “Pretty Little Liars”.  I’ve seen this promotional shot for it everywhere, in Entertainment Weekly, YouTube, Facebook (see pics)

Scan of ad from Entertainment Weekly

Pretty Little Liars one sheet from Facebook

My YouTube page screenshot

^Notice on the above that the girl has a clean finger.  (when you let the ad play it starts showing different images of the actresses from that shoot, all clean, no mud).

This is significant because it implies that all that mud and dirt were added later using Photoshop.  Why does that matter? Because if that’s the case then all the dirt and mud you see on them isn’t real, and not arranged randomly, (like it would be if someone was just slopping it on).  Even if the above screen shot is a different photo I still think the mud (in the original) would be added in post production in order to make sure everything looks good.

This is obviously an expensive ad campaign.  This one image is critical for pulling in new viewers.  So lets take a closer look,,,,

I’ll use the scan from my Entertainment Weekly (these are all the same image though).

Lets zoom in on the middle girl, who apparently wants the audience to keep a secret, what could it be?



look at the smudge about halfway down her arm, zooming in:

Aw god, don’t tell me, is that?

arm closeup, with embed highlighted

yup, it’s a cock.

I’ll use the image in its wallpaper form for the next one:

lets zoom in on the girl on the right hand side’s leg:

and closer:

look right above the “C”:

I’ll trace it below:


Ok, now lets apply the “glowing edges” Photoshop filter to the whole image (Glowing Edges Identifies the edges of color and adds a neon-like glow to them.)

and zoom in on the middle girl’s shoulder:

WTF? Demon Face? and the cock is clearly present below, as well as who knows what else demonic shit

Next lets apply the “Find Edges” filter, set to a multiply blending mode (Find Edges: Identifies the areas of the image with significant transitions and emphasizes the edges.)

Find Edges filter, same area as above on ad

"don't tell anybody, but I've got embeded penis's and demon face's all over my body"

Now all of this could very well be bullshit, but there are many many many examples of embedded images contained within print ads from the past.  It’s what they call the “hell sell” technique.  Your conscious mind dismisses any imagery like the above because it doesn’t fit into any preconceived notions of what you should be seeing.  Your unconscious however, sees everything.  So the offensive imagery is delivered to you subliminally.  These manifest themselves in ways you can’t detect consciously, and influence what you buy, watch, do ect.

But wait a minute Tom, you’re just seeing what your dirty mind want to see.

While this is possible, you have to look at the context of the images.  This isn’t a cloud or natural rock formation.  This is a very expensive ad campaign created by professional designers who (I’m sure) spent a lot of time on it.  Plus there is ample evidence that this kind of thing has been done in the past.  Clouds have never been found guilty of forming dirty images because 1) clouds aren’t sentient, and 2) (and this applies to anything natural) there isn’t any possible gain, unlike advertisers who have spent billions upon billions researching the human psyche.

For more on this topic, check out the following:

Or search YouTube for: Subliminal Ads

And watch this video:

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